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Bespoke diet & lifestyle programmes for 
Transformative wellbeing

Your health and wellness story so far, is as unique as your fingerprint!

With all that information out there, which is often confusing and contradictory, 
it might not have been easy to get the kind of nutrition and lifestyle support that you’ve been needing.

I offer 3 transformational wellbeing journeys to guide you towards your health and wellness goals 
using a mix of nutrition savviness, no-stress coaching and mindset mastery.

Each one will be designed to meet your uniqueness 
and will be based on small, practical and achievable results-driven actions 
that fit your lifestyle and avoid overwhelm.

As a result, you get to take back control of how you want to feel 
by learning how to eat healthily, master your mindset and adopt a new way of living well!

Let me be your health guide!

How it 

Each programme includes:

  • an initial assessment;
  • your own personalised wellbeing route map;
  • meal plans
  • regular coaching sessions;
  • specific mindset work;
  • regular accountability and implementation support to give you a motivational boost;

plus, according to the chosen programme access to different resources (eg, recipe books, webinars, e-books, meditations, videos…).

What changes over each programme is the frequency you get with me plus some more specific focus work according to your health concerns.


This is the highest level of support I 
offer over 12 weeks.

We can take a much deeper dive into all aspects 
of your health and wellbeing to bring about real, 
lasting change. 
We will have weekly contact, 
but will work at a pace that 
fits your home and work commitments.

We start by exploring what your new vibrant, energetic life would look like; 
what things are getting in the way of you achieving it today; 
those things you want to do but are not able to do right now because of the way you are feeling, 
and those health niggles you’ve been ignoring that are starting to drag you down.

We’ll talk through the options to resolve them, create a practical action plan, 
consider functional testing as a way to get answers and if a supplement programme is for you.

This programme also includes some bonuses:

  • a “contact me anytime” lifeline;
  • liaison with caterers, hotels, restaurants regarding your nutritional requirements;
  • assistance preparing the wellbeing component of business trips;
  • liaison with other health professionals supporting you to ensure coherence;
  • unlimited access to all webinars, videos, e-books and recipes in the Olea resource centre.

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Sometimes the pressure of life can leave us feeling vulnerable, isolated, frustrated, and unsure of ourselves 
but it does not have to be like this when we can tap into the power of diet and lifestyle to create positive change, a sense of liberation and renewal.

I’ll work with you to help figure out nutritional and lifestyle strategies to implement 
so you can start to build mental strength and resilience, see a significant improvement in your mood and energy levels, feel more vital and even experience some weight loss.

You will never be more than 2 weeks away from a coaching session with me, 
and have unlimited access to any videos, e-books and recipes in the Olea resource centre.

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You will reap the benefits of going back to the basics to underpin the fundamentals of healthy eating so you are able to set off more confidently on the path towards new, sustainable, health-boosting habits AND along the way improve your energy, mood and vitality.

We will have monthly coaching sessions that include some mindset work to address those beliefs that could be keeping you stuck in reaching your health goals.

Programmes start from €697 Euros and do not include any testing or supplements.

To find out the best itinerary for you, let’s set up a time to talk and get you off on the path to Transformative Wellbeing!

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Introductory Complimentary 
Transformative Wellbeing Chat

I would love to help you get back your vim and vigour so you feel fabulous every day!

You may have lots of questions about what I do and how it will work for you, 
so I offer a complimentary 30-minute chat when we can get to know each other.  
We will be able to have a relaxed conversation where we can discuss your challenges and health concerns, 
explore the options of working together and I will give you some simple actions 
that you can already put in place to set you off on your wellbeing journey.  
I really look forward to speaking with you soon.

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DNAFit test


Let's talk more about you!

Understanding personal genetics is the exciting new frontier in health and fitness. 
This test provides an in depth analysis of key genes associated with diet, nutrition and weight management.  
By helping to understand how your genetic profile affects you, the DNAFit test provides unparalleled insight and knowledge 
to help us make the correct nutrition and diet choices.

The cost of this add-on service is 399 Euro. This includes the cost of the test kit, the analysis and a supplementary one-hour consultation to discuss the results. 
During the consultation, which can be either in person or via Zoom/Skype, 
I will take you through your results and explain what they actually mean for you on a day-to-day basis. 
How is the test done? 
Take a simple saliva swab at home with a cotton bud, and then post it back to DNAFit in a pre-paid box. 
I will have your results back within 10-15 working days, which I will then share with you during the consultation.