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Bring health, vitality & resilience to employees no matter where they work from!


Inject a wellbeing boost into your next event & leave your audience feeling energised and uplifted!

Elevating Your Employees’ 
working experience

Our corporate world has been turned upside down, provoking a decade’s worth of organisational change overnight!

Are you and your HR colleagues looking at how you would be able to offer your employees some practical targeted wellbeing support?

Maybe you are hearing from staff that their eating habits have gone wild and they are surviving on snacks or even skipping meals; the results being extra kilos piling on and rollercoaster energy levels that could negatively affect productivity. Perhaps they are missing social interactions and their team mates because of hybrid working and feel their mental wellbeing is suffering. And for many making time for self-care may be seen as yet another thing to put on the to-do-list!

As a leader tasked with your employees’ wellbeing responding to their diverse needs and desires may not always be easy. 
I can help you with this by co-creating a tailor-made wellbeing programme based on nutrition and lifestyle to guide and inspire your workforce, giving them practical tools and knowledge they can put into action, enabling them to move from overwhelm to thrive. 
I offer workshops, pop-up health coaching clinics, content creation for internal e-zines or wellbeing portals, and wellbeing moments during company team building or off-site sessions.

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The following workshop series is currently available:

  • From Survive to Thrive: How to move the needle
  • What’s on My Plate? Back to basics workshop, the healthy plate
  • Feed Your Brain: Promote focus & creativity
  • Are You Hangry? The link between hunger, anger and rage
  • Eat to Sleep: How food influences sleep quality
  • Gut Feeling: How good health begins in the gut
  • The Magic of Hormones: Get hormone savvy
  • Crush the Cravings: Are cravings ruining your life?

Julie at workshop


Pop-up Health Coaching Clinics

Pop-up health coaching The health coaching clinic includes:

  • Wellbeing Mapping
  • 1-2-1 consultation lasting 30 minutes
  • Relevant handouts
  • A next step action plan

These 1-2-1 clinic sessions are designed for your employees to have the opportunity to discuss their personal health issues and dietary habits including any problems they may have relating to digestive health, energy balance, immune health, mental wellbeing, sleep and low mood.

Employees will receive some individualised nutritional and lifestyle tips to immediately improve their wellbeing.

Health Coaching Clinics can also be organised around specific topics such as men's or women's health, immune support, beat the bloat, mental wellbeing.

Cost: £45/€53 per person (excl. VAT)

Health Challenges

These fun and rewarding health challenges motivate and inspire employees to adopt healthy habits as a team.

Here’s some ideas of the kind of challenges we could run for your team:

  • Self-care
  • Kick the sugar habit
  • Healthy habits
  • Mindful eating

What's included:

  • E-book
  • Discover practical tips & tricks
  • Get daily prompts to help you all put the ideas into practice
  • Accountability and support through a private Facebook or Whatsapp group because knowing what to do is only part of the solution.

health challenges


Guest Speaker 
health & wellbeing talks

I am available to speak at events, women’s groups, business networking clubs, wellbeing forums and for podcasts on topics such as:

From Survive to Thrive Sleep Deficit Taming the Hormone Storm Why am I Tired All the Time? Feeding the Brain Brain-Gut-Skin Connection Mental Wellbeing, Building Strength & Resilience

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