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Meet Julie Wren

Registered Nutritional Therapist & Hollistic Wellbeing Therapist 
Dip (CNM)


I’m Julie

a health and wellbeing coach and nutritional therapist. I work with busy professionals who want to move away from being wired and tired all the time towards regaining their passion and excitement for life, having loads more energy to enjoy it and getting back their inner and outer glow.

member ICCT
CNM Qualified
Wilbury School

MY Why

So, a little bit about me and why I do what I do! 
I am at my happiest when I see people enjoying great health, brimming with energy and getting the most out of their lives. 
And I want this for you too! 
This really fuels my passion in coaching people to achieve this using the power of food and lifestyle.

I’ve worked for more than 30 years in high powered environments and witnessed first-hand the health struggles people have when living a high-octane life; 
plummeting energy levels, lots of stress, burnouts, hormone imbalances, weight creeping on around the middle 
and accelerated aging! 
And I shouldn’t forget those feelings of frustrations and overwhelm navigating the minefield of advice and info out there!

But you won’t feel like that when you work with me because I make it a point to continually keep up with the new science and thinking surrounding diet and lifestyle so that I can always bring you the best advice and support in a clear way. 
No more overwhelm!